Industrial Visit on February 28, 2020

ICFAI University, Himachal

An Industrial visit to “CSIO (Central Scientific Instruments Organization)”, Sector 30, Chandigarh was organized by the Faculty of Science (FST) of ICFAI University, Baddi on Friday, 28th February 28 students and 3 faculties visited CSIO on National Science Day. This was also the occasion to celebrate the National Science day by taking the students to CSIO and visiting various facilities.

In the morning at 10:30 AM, we visited CSIO. The students visited various Labs (Mechanical workshop, Mechatronics lab, Industrial Robotics lab, E-Yantra Lab, PLC lab, and Bimolecular and Nano Technology lab) with the Visit coordinator.

Many of the students asked different questions on current technologies and the same were answered by the scientists conducting the visit. All students were satisfied after the session.

The visit came to an end at 1:10 PM. Finally, we left the premises at 1.15 p.m. It was an informative, interesting, and successful visit. It is recommended that more industrial visits of this nature be conducted in the future for the students which will be helpful for the students and help to train them.

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